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One of the questions we hear the most is how do you know if you should see an Orthodontist In Raleigh? This question is harder to answer than you may realize. But even if your teeth appear to be straight, there may be some serious hidden concerns. A thorough consultation will help us discover your orthodontic needs.

However, here are some common signs that you may need orthodontic treatment:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Overlapping or crowded teeth
  • Jagged, gapped, or missing teeth
  • Teeth that do not easily sit each other
  • Uneven bite pattern
  • Planning dental for missing teeth replacement

Every person has different needs! We are ready to help you get started on your smile journey.

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It has never been easier to enjoy a more natural smile. Innovations like self-ligating braces, Invisalign, clear braces, and intra-oral scanning make the journey to your smile more effortless than ever. These appliances allow for a level of comfort and convenience beyond the orthodontic devices that you may remember from growing up.

Engstrom & Hamilton Orthodontics uses the most advanced technological breakthroughs to deliver you a premium treatment experience. Our orthodontists are at the forefront of orthodontic science. During your complimentary consultation, we will find the best options for your lifestyle.

Discover more about the types of orthodontic treatment options at Engstrom & Hamilton Orthodontics:


Invisalign lets patients enjoy a comfortable and nearly-invisible treatment without worrying about visible brackets or wires. These aligners are transparent and camouflage into your mouth. Invisalign is available for adults and teens. As a Gold Invisalign Provider, the professionals at Engstrom & Hamilton Orthodontics have specialized training to help ensure you get the best possible results.


Modern braces combine the tried-and-true power of braces with a contemporary level of sophistication. Patients with these appliances enjoy a more comfortable treatment experience with fewer in-office appointments. We offer Self-Ligating Braces and Clear Ceramic Braces for teens and adults.


The American Association of Orthodontics recommends visiting an orthodontist by the time a child is seven years old. Our complimentary growth guidance appointments allow you to talk to an orthodontist about your child’s development. We take a conservative approach to early treatment. While most kids won’t need any intervention, we offer Phase 1 Orthodontics for those extra special cases where early treatment has a lasting impact on improving health and confidence.


Keeping your smile at its best requires a lifelong commitment to your teeth. Wearing a retainer keeps your smile from drifting out of alignment after treatment. Engstrom & Hamilton Orthodontics offers 3D printed removable retainers and bonded retainers.


There are many different options for your orthodontic experience. While there are many kinds of orthodontic treatment, they all observe a similar principle. They apply pressure to shift your smile in a more natural and desired shape.

The best way to know if the different types of orthodontic treatment will improve your life is to schedule a complimentary consultation now.

We will take x-rays and photos during your complimentary consultation to get a better sense of your needs. This data will be important to strategize your orthodontic plan.

After learning more about your treatment goals, we will find the best path forward for your smile. Plus, Engstrom & Hamilton Orthodontics offers in-house financing before your treatment, and we will file your insurance paperwork on your behalf.


No matter where you are in life’s journey, it is always a great time to get the smile you have always dreamed about having. Our orthodontic care team is ready to help you find the quality care that you deserve. Plus, all of our patients get access to perks like a cozy atmosphere and free ice cream!

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