Engstrom...a lasting tradition

After thousands of smiles transformed, a time comes to pass the torch…

DR. Todd Engstrom


Dr. Engstrom stepped out of our office in December of 2021. After 43 years providing orthodontic care to our community, he stepped into retirement. We’d call that a retirement well earned. In his new found time, he looks to travel and spend time with his growing family. Behind him, he leaves thousands of transformed smiles and generations of patients committed to the tradition of patient care he provided. Dr. Hamilton is excited to carry that torch. 

Dr. Engstrom enjoys retirement with his wife, Pam. Their daughter, Lauren is married to Michael and they have a beautiful little boy Liam, middle name “Todd,” which Dr. Engstrom is proud to announce. Dr. Engstrom and his wife spend much of their time these days enjoying being grandparents.  They drop by the office often to say hello keep us up to date on the developments of the family. 

In his time in the office, Dr. Engstrom treated thousands of families and transformed smiles for 43 years. He practiced with Bruce King for many years under the Engstrom & King Orthodontics name, and later with Caroline Cheek under the Engstrom & Cheek Orthodontics name. For his last partnership and transfer of tradition, he worked with Dr. Hamilton under the name of Engstrom & Hamilton Orthodontics where he transferred his experience and practice management philosophy to Dr. Hamilton. Dr. Hamilton intends to carry the torch of this long earned tradition and community trust.  Our goal has always been to create beautiful smiles in a family atmosphere where patients feel they are part of the experience. Its about more than just a smile…and it always has been. 

Professional Accomplishments and Affiliations

“Absolutely love this office and everyone in it! I started working with Dr. Engstrom in February of 2020 and he was very helpful in getting me started on my journey toward what we thought would be jaw surgery. Dr. Hamilton came on while during my treatment and has stepped right in and made himself an expert in my case from day one. Between the two of them I’ve had such amazing results I no longer need the surgery! They’re very open to listening to my concerns and explaining everything to me as we go. The rest of the staff at the office has always been incredible as well. They actually take the time to get to know you and keep up with your life between visits. Always a friendly smile and never make you feel silly for having a million questions. Getting braces as an adult was never something I hoped I would need, but this office has made the experience as wonderful as possible!”

E Rowberg

“Dr. Engstrom and Dr. Hamilton are wonderful orthodontists! Thorough, attentive, great office staff, on time and efficient. Investing in my smile in my adult life (Invisalign) has been money and time well spent, and I’m grateful to have such great personalized care. Highly recommend!”

J Tolley

“Dr. Hamilton and staff are WONDERFUL. I was intimidated by the thought of finding the best orthodontist for my son’s needs, and they have made it so easy! They have been thoughtful and conscientious about every single aspect of this experience, from financials to installation to monitoring. All done with care and concern. Thank you!”

C Jeffreys