If you’ve ever attempted teeth whitening at home, you probably experienced underwhelming or even painful results. There are a slew of whitening products on the market that promise better results, but it’s vital to understand that optimal outcomes will require some expert assistance. If you’re seeking to brighten your grin, your Orthodontist Raleigh NC may be able to offer you with suggestions for the best teeth-whitening solutions.


What Is Teeth Whitening and How Does It Work?

Teeth whitening, sometimes can also be referred to as teeth bleaching, is the process of removing stains from your teeth that are created by regular activities (also known as “life stains”). Brushing may help to remove outdoor discolouration from meals and beverages at times, but these marks might become entrenched over time. Although over-the-counter solutions are available to help you bleach your teeth at home, your dentist can use a variety of advanced technology to provide you with the most effective therapy while preventing irritation.

What Can My Orthodontist Do For Me?

Orthodontists frequently offer aesthetic whitening treatments that are more effective than at-home options. Extrinsic stains or surface-level stains can occasionally be removed with at-home methods. Professional treatments, on the other hand, can penetrate deeper intrinsic stains that have built up over time as a result of food, liquids like wine, and coffee or tobacco usage. In many circumstances, your dentist can provide you with professional-grade treatments, either in the office using Zoom or at home with take-home kits. to bring back home Both are successful and are under the supervision of your dentist.

Teeth Whitening

What Causes Teeth Discoloration?

Stains may form as a result of persistent exposure and regular ingestion for a variety of causes. The most serious offenders are coffee and red wine, as well as smoking and tobacco usage. In addition, with time, teeth can get yellowed and gray due to natural processes such as aging. Furthermore, some medical issues, drugs, or injuries may induce discoloration due to poorly maintained dental care.

What Is the Zoom Whitening Procedure?

The Zoom bleaching procedure is a fast, effective method to whiten teeth in a professional environment. It starts with an assessment and pemishing of the teeth. To prevent bleach from harming delicate mouth tissues like gums and cheeks, your mouth is shut during treatment. A specific peroxide-based solution is brushed over the teeth for 3-4 15-minute cycles. The process is assisted by a specific UV light that speeds up results.

You also have the option of receiving personalized trays for the procedure’s maintenance. Depending on your personal habits, Zoom whitening takes 9-24 months to complete and may be repeated every year.


What Should I Do With My Teeth Now That They’ve Been Whitened?

After Zoom treatments, you must brush and floss your teeth. Brushing and flossing are vital parts of proper oral hygiene, as are avoiding stain-causing situations during the first 24 to 48 hours. To produce the best results, you can use your at-home treatment system to touch up any stains that may appear. Our Orthodontics Raleigh NC usually recommends in-office treatments every year to maintain outcomes as part of your hygiene regimen.


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