Do you just grin when your mouth is shut from the look of your teeth? You don’t need to be embarrassed any longer about showing your smile.

Are you ready for some great news? At Hamilton Orthodontics, we provide dental bonding as part of our extensive list of aesthetic dentistry procedures. In only one treatment, this quick and painless procedure may enhance your smile dramatically.

Hamilton Orthodontics Raleigh NC are a skilled and experienced group of orthodontists with a scientific approach who integrates artistry into their craft. They employ dental bonding to contour and tint your teeth, resulting in stunning custom smiles.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a simple, noninvasive process that can hide a variety of flaws in your smile. We employ a substance called composite resin at Hamilton Orthodontics. The composite resin can be customized. It can be tinted to match your natural teeth and sculpted to conceal specific dental flaws.

The name for this procedure derives from the fact that composite resin is permanently bonded to your teeth during the process. The resin matches your natural tooth, making it impossible to tell the difference between the treated tooth and its neighbors when dry.

Teeth Bonding

Using Dental Bonding to Improve Your Smile

Dental bonding is not only quick, simple, and inexpensive; it’s also adaptable. Our Raleigh Orthodontist can use dental bonding to address one or more dental flaws in only one appointment. You won’t even require anaesthetic in most circumstances!

The following are some of the flaws we can fix:


Cracked and chipped teeth are two of the most prevalent dental injuries. A tiny chip or crack can be caused by something as easy as a sports injury or biting down on hard food, biting incorrectly, or chewing on ice.

Our orthodontists can use dental bonding to fix and seal the damage, restoring the appearance and function of your tooth, depending on the degree of your break. Dental bonding is a rapid and effective approach to repair chips and cracks in your teeth, allowing you to smile boldly once more.

Gaps and irregularly shaped teeth

Teeth with significant modifications in size and shape, as well as uneven gaps, are all common dental flaws. If you don’t want a gap in your smile, Our Orthodontists may be able to repair the issue by using dental bonding to help you avoid braces. They can also even out the form or length of any teeth that have a distinct form or size.

Dental Bonding

Dental discoloration

Tooth discolouration can be caused by a number of factors. Your morning cup of coffee or tea, for example, might discolor your teeth. Seasonal allergy medications, blood pressure medicines, and even mental health drugs can cause your teeth to become darker. Dental discoloration is also associated with aging as enamel on your teeth becomes thinner with age.

If you have deep, long-standing discoloration in your teeth that won’t lighten with ordinary tooth whitening, we can help you get whiter, brighter teeth fast!

Cover fillings  

If you have gray or black spots on your teeth after getting traditional metal amalgam fillings, you’ll probably despise them. Composite resin, on the other hand, is an excellent material for filling cavities and restoring a symmetrical, bright smile. We can even hide or replace any existing fillings or dental operations if desired.


The Dental bonding technique for teeth

Our Orthodontists can often do dental bonding in just one appointment. They start with a complete dental checkup to analyze your teeth and make sure bonding is the best treatment for you. Then, Our Orthodontists chooses a composite resin color to match your teeth. They delicately score your tooth and administer a specific liquid to aid in the resin’s bonding with your teeth. When your tooth is ready, Our Orthodontists carefully moulds the resin by hand to match the form of your teeth or obtain the desired shape. They shine a special light on the bonding material to harden and dry it. When the bonding procedure is finished, our Orthodontists inspects the tooth for any rough or sharp edges and polishes it till it sparkles like your natural teeth.

Call our office or arrange a consultation online today if you’re seeking for an effective and quick cosmetic dental treatment to improve your smile.


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